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ICO Promotion: Strategies for successful token sale
July 30, 2018
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Bitcoin mistakes, how to avoid them and prosper in trading
July 30, 2018
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  1. Have a unique and strong product or idea

A unique product or idea is the first thing that you should have to attract investors through an ICO. You should aim to provide solutions to the market or offer better services to the users of your product. If there is nothing unique about your product or idea, launching the ICO campaigns might not bring you any success.

  1. Have a stable team.

A stable team will create more trust in your project since the team members will have knowledge and skills in their fields. If the team members have participated in other successful projects, then you will have a better chance of attracting a community behind your ICO. Therefore, seek to hire experts so that you can also meet your milestones in time.

Evaluate all your team members, both those who you have hired for long-term and short-term basis. The cryptocurrency space has attracted a lot of people. This is a good thing. However, some do not have the experience they claim to have and might not be as instrumental to your team as they claim. Therefore, ask them relevant questions which can help you gauge their usefulness to your team. An example is asking if they have been involved in ICO projects before, the ICO projects they have been involved in, if they are part of these projects, proof that they were involved in the said projects.

  1. Consider legal aspects

Many investors undertake research before investing in ICOs. Therefore, make sure your project does not break any laws. Also, consider registering the project and having all legal documents. This will save you from legitimacy issues. The product or service you are offering to the market should be legal and not cause any issues to the users. Investors might shy away from investing in a company that disregards the law.

  1. Market your ICO rigorously

To be equipped to have a successful ICO, you must reach a number of folks. You must be capable to do that by means of advertising it continuously. There are various methods and locations to promote your ICO. An example is the Bitcointalk forum.

A lot of the successful ICOs launched their marketing campaigns in Bitcointalk through signature campaigns and bounty campaigns. Through this, they were able to market to different social media sites. Make sure you hire specialists who can be competent to manage your marketing campaigns, as dealing with this yourself with little to no experience might not bring any results to your marketing crusade.

  1. Plan ahead for the long term

Always remember that investors want to see that you are serious and ready to work for the project to succeed. They want to see your future plans. What will happen after the ICO? This is why you need a good white paper and a detailed roadmap. The roadmap will detail what you will do with the investors’ money and when you hope to attain the milestones. Your roadmap should be practical too. If these details are satisfactory, the community will have positive feedback about your project, which can help you attract new investors.

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