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September 23, 2017
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July 30, 2018
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In 2017, only 48% of the total initial coin offerings (ICOs) raised the capital they had set out to raise. The total amount of money raised by ICOs in 2017 was $5.6 billion, with 25% of this amount being represented by the 10 largest ICOs. This is to show that not all ICOs succeed. Therefore, how you market your ICO matters and it will dictate the amount of funds you raise. There are strategies that you can use to promote your ICO in 2018 to increase the chances of success;

Use your website as a shop window

Your website should have a call to action to attract investors and be your center point for ICO promotion. The website should have as much information about your project as possible in order to build trust. The website should contain a white paper, road map, team and a blog with SEO optimized content. An SEO strategy will increase the long-term organic traffic to your site. It is important to have a professionally done on-page and off-page SEO plan to help manage the many ICO marketing restrictions in the market.

Press releases and ICO calendars

PRs are traditional methods but they are very effective since they are shared on top-tier websites which are very specific to the cryptocurrency sphere. There are many ICO calendars where you can place your upcoming releases. These include coinschedule, coingecko, ICOCrowd, tokenmarket, tokensalecalender and ICOcountdown. Getting listed on these top-tier sites to advertise your ICO will help you penetrate larger markets and promote your ICO. Some of the sites can list your ICO for free but the most relevant sites that can help you gain investor trust charge a fee.

Social media outreach

Social media is the most successful way to promote your ICO. The right people to work with and invest in cryptocurrency projects will most likely get the information from social media. The different sites have different rules to be followed and different benefits as well as users. You need to enlist the help of professionals or regular users of these sites in order to get the most out of these sites. They include;

  1. Bitcointalk

Almost all ICOs in the world have a BitcoinTalk account and announce their ICOs here. Here, you are able to create traffic to your website and inform more people about your project. Also, you can create a bounty campaign through this forum where participants perform a task for the project.

  1. Twitter/ Facebook

There are a lot of cryptocurrency groups on Twitter and Facebook who can help create a buzz for your ICO. Here, discussions are made about the ICOs and projects that are in a crowdsale. Getting promoters and influencer to market your project on these forums can help you reach out to more investors and help you create a community.

  1. Reddit/Quora

There are a lot of discussions on these forums on different ICOs and projects in the blockchain space where you can share information about your token sale. These forums help you create attention from the community where you can attract investors as well as create a community who rally behind your ICO.

  • Telegram/LinkedIn

Getting into the right groups on these two social media forums will get your project to the right people. These groups will help you get exposure and your project website can attract more views, increasing knowledge and trust in the community.


The competition in the crypto space has increased this year. There is a fine line between success and failure of ICO projects. With varying restrictions on different sites, you need to invest in the right marketers who have these strategies and who can manage all the details of the ICO. This way, you stand a better chance of having every sector of ICO marketing covered.

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