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From Idea to successful ICO and beyond: The Lifecycle
September 23, 2017
ICO Marketing 101

ICO Marketing 101

The increase in the number of ICOs in the cryptosphere now means that you have to conduct aggressive marketing for your product to get substantial funding. If you do not know where to start here are a few pointers.

Firstly you need to do both offline and online marketing. With offline marketing, you have to reach out to individuals and institutional investors personally to pitch your idea and make a case why they should invest. In addition, you can run roadshows, seminars, workshops, meet-ups and be attending blockchain events to network and promote the ICO

As for the online marketing, you will need to make own initiatives and also depend on the large communities to further promote your ICO.

The online marketing campaign channels will include but are not limited to;

1 Social media campaigns- channels such as Facebook and Twitter. These are good for creating general awareness and having an online presence which is necessary for credibility

2 Marketing on blockchain and crypto community forums- Channels such as bitcointalk and reddit. These communities have knowledgeable people and potential investors that can be converted easily as they understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies well

3 Community management of messaging applications- Channels such as Telegram and Slack could be good for interacting more directly with the audience. Also, it is good for building credibility and people that can champion the ICO beyond our own initiated platforms

I would advise running bounty campaigns for the communities on these messaging apps and blockchain communities to raise their enthusiasm and likelihood to promote/refer others to join the ICO.

4 Video promotions- Using popular youtube channels to raise awareness and drive people to the ICO

5 Website promotion- this can be done through Google CPC campaigns and advertisement on popular blockchain websites such as coindesk, cointelegraph and coinmarketcap amongst others.  Attractive advertisements posted on these websites will drive traffic towards the website.

6 Own blogs- on the website and on other forums popular in the crypto community such as Steemit and Medium to update people on the progress and ICO in a more detailed manner

7 Direct marketing- This will be useful if you have emails or direct contacts for people that can be approached directly to participate in the ICO

8 Listing on ICO tracking/rating websites such as icotracker.net, icorating.com will help provide 3rd party evaluation of the ICO. If your coin is listed on these sites and you have a good rating then this raises the ICO’s credibility to potential investors

9 Listing on exchanges– at least making formal inquiries with exchanges to provide assurances that the coin will be listed after the ICO

This is not a comprehensive list but rather a snippet of what the marketing will entail. Kindly give your input, thoughts, and suggestions in the comments section below.

For ICO marketing service, feel free to contact me here and I will help spread the word to the crypto community to bring in investors.

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